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Bad Hofgastein - Gasteinertal - Österreich
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Gastein healing tunnel - unique therapeutic climate

The Gastein healing tunnel provides a worldwide unique form of therapy. A combination of high humidity, warmth and the noble gas Radon ensures long lasting pain relief, a reduction in the use of medication for up to one year and stabilisation of the immune system – all scientifically proven. A 90% success rate contributes to making the Gastein healing tunnel one of the most effective natural cure treatments.

Therapy timetable:

After a medical examination and wearing swimming gear, you are taken on the tunnel train on a 2,5 km long journey to the first therapy station where the temperature is 37C and humidity 70%. Further and warmer stations will be approached, depending on your health tolerance. Following a rest period of 60 minutes you will be tansported back out of the tunnel, when another 30 minutes of relaxation follows.

Normal therapy duration is 2 to 4 weeks, with 3 to 4 journeys into the mountain.


Treatable conditions for the Gastein healing tunnel:

  • Chronic pain and diseases of the musculosceletal system

  • Disturbances of the regeneration, circulation and balance of the skin

  • Malfunctions of the respiratory system

  • Immunoprophylaxis

Further information about the healing tunnel cure can be found on the website of the Gastein Heilstollen.

Our house is a 10 minute drive from the Gastein Heilstollen in Böckstein. We would be pleased to prepare an individual offer for you.